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Mike Fry
Pacers! 2 August 2010

Hey, all!!

Awesome site! I have three VG Pacer sedans, 1538, 1955 and 3291, and always on the lookout for more. Can't wait to see it updated, as it was a while ago that I sent in the information. Have any more surfaced?

Matthew Gepner
VG Pacer from Fiji 6 January 2010

Hi Pacer enthusiasts,
Last year I brought back VG Pacer body Number 3385 to Australia! After 18 months the body is almost finished - total nut and bolt resto. Another year in Fiji and I think it would have been burried under a coconut tree.
What I would like clarity on is the fact my VG is an April build and I have never seen one after this. The two listed after mine don't add up. ie. build date in Jan and body number wayyyyyy to late to be concurrent. Is body 3385 the last of the VG Pacer build?

colin hendy
vf pacer 3 January 2010

in process of putting my vf pacer back together , left to do , trim , chrome , looks great sounds great , will up load flick soon ,,,body 3077....

Owen Haskett
VG Pacer Hardtop 10 August 2009

Have a VG Pacer and currently restoring it. My father bought it from the factory in South Australia.

Kay & Allan Eiseman
Valiants 12 April 2009

Hi there don't have a pacer YET but looking we have 2 VJ Chargers, 1 VJ Station wagon & 1 valiant safari and 2 only Hillman Hunters

All are under Resto.

vg hardtop 12 March 2009

I have a vg hardtop pacer
owned it for 12 years daily driver for first 6, then parked up. started resto 2 years ago.
will get the details up soon

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charlie baneth
VH 2BBL R/T 11 September 2008

Hey there great site! i have been watching it grow for a few years! some fantastic car in barn storys!
any chance you are goin to do anything for r/t chargers like this?

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