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Matthew Gepner
Searching for my old Pacer 8 July 2007

My old pacer. Drove it back from Melbourne in 2001 and sold it when I was living in Kogarah approximatley March 2002 to a guy by the name of Daniel Cock. If you still have it Daniel drop me a line.

Pics can be seen in the photo area.

Leo Geoghegan
The Old Mule 7 July 2007

Great to see the old mule, not sure if its my old one.If you contact John Ellis he will give you the right numbers for the ute. Email me for the numbers Regards Leo Geoghegan

VG Pacer 22 June 2007

Ok here goes my late father had a VG 4 door Pacer when I was growing up it was in need of restoration and was offered to me as my first car but I purchaced a LJ GTRXU1 insted ( I know ) long story short dad sold it to a friend of his for a grand and I have never seen it since. The guy that got it was named ASHLEY and he lived in SA if any one knows of this guy and the Pacer in question I would love to get some info.

Pacers. 3 June 2007

Had a few Valiants. Best was a two door VG Pacer painted Burmese Bronze. This was back in 1976. After a four door one now either VF or VG. Just found this site and it's a good one.

COOL SITE 4 May 2007

This is the best site love the VG hardtops.I had one as a first car.Blue 245 3 spd manual.

TrackPackPacers 27 March 2007

Great site, can't wait to buy more TrackPackPacers and add them to this register.

VF PACER 26 March 2007

Nice to look at the old VF Pacers. I purchased a new Isis yellow Pacer in Dec 1969 sold it 6 minths later. Are there any coloured pics out there of the Isis Yellow one.Cheers

Mal Kuper
Awesome site 1 March 2007

I love the site. I hope to see more and more vg pacers registered! Cheers.

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