Build Date: 1 Sep, 1970
Original colours: Hot Mustard (YC) / X5 Black
Current colours: Hot Mustard (YC) / X5 Black
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / 3 speed
Current Drivetrain: 245 not functional/ E31
Options: T14
Authenticated: Yes
Owner details: Peter Greenwood
Listed: 18 Apr, 2007

12/06/2018 | Peter Greenwood:
Sold from previous owner Dean to a bloke named Carlo in Townsville and it sat it in his paddock for god knows how many years, looking very sad for its self when I purchased the car march 2017.

Believe me when i picked this car up it was living out side and was very very sad. The body had alot of dints and surface rust as some one had sanded it then just left it out. I actually regretted buying it for the first couple of weeks. I have a brand new interior for it and basically every part for her! What was missing i have searched far and wide, im a qualified panel beater so the body is getting done properly. I am onto the front guards now. I have welded in both lower quarters and quarter guard lips as they were to far gone. The car was very good for rust. Even tho it is mustard from factory i am painting it the orange as it is my favorite colour.  I'm up to 90 percent of parts sourced or rebuilt. At this present time its coming into final preperation for paint work and new running gear/engine. I will definitely have it registered in the next year or so.

18/04/2007 | Dean Woodger, Richmond, Queensland:
I found the car in a local private car dump /scrap yard. The car was buried to the chassis with prickle trees growing around and through it. All but two side windows were smashed and the interior had been removed. The body work is in a fair condition with little rust considering the amount of time it had been there. The front bonnet, grill and bumper were missing. I was given the car at no cost as the owner is in the process of cleaning up the property. I am currently in the process of restoring this vehical to its original state.

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