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85 registered cars and counting
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Build Date: 1 Apr, 1971
Original colours: Hot Mustard (YC)
Current colours: Satin Black
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / auto
Current Drivetrain: 245 / auto
Options: Unknown
Authenticated: Yes
Owner details: Jim Sydney, NSW
Listed: 10 Aug, 2007

Purchased over 10 years ago as a shell, the current owner has put it back on the road. This car had auto Pacer engine number 1 when it left the factory. Engine has been put aside for safe keeping.



Build Date: 1 Sep, 1970
Original colours: Hemi Orange (RF) / X3 Black trim / Red Carpet
Current colours: As above but now in cloth cover seats and door trims .
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / 3 speed auto
Current Drivetrain: As above with a 4 speed and LSD
Options: T14 Mod pack
Authenticated: Yes
Owner details: D Kemp Victoria
Listed: 24 May, 2006

Restoration started in 1996, finished 2005, new trim, paint, all parts restored or replaced. Better than a new car. Fitted Power steering and Factory Air. Security System.



Build Date: 1 Apr, 1971
Original colours: Thar She Blue (BG)
Current colours: Irridescent Purple/pink
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / 3speed auto / LSD
Current Drivetrain: 360 V8 & 5 speed & LSD
Options: Mod Pack D53(LSD) T14
Authenticated: No
Owner details: D Kemp Victoria
Listed: 25 May, 2006

This car was a one owner original car that was stolen, written off by the insurer and later it was recovered badly vandalised. The then purchaser took off the stomped flat roof, and commenced convertiblisation , he later abandoned the project the car was left in his back yard in brighton in the weather without a roof and only a little re-inforcing done, around 94 I purchased it when it was advertised in the Sat Age for the princely sum of $200 and over 2 years i completed the convertiblisation and restored all the other body damage.
I was a original 3 speed floor shift auto car with a LSD option in Tha-she-blu. It was converted to a 360 5 speed manual and given new irridesent purple/pink paint, new cloth trim and fold up roof prior to registration in late 95.
Around 98 i made the removable hardtop that is installed in the pic. The soft top is for the warm months the hardtop for winter use. It has been my wifes daily commute for just on 10 years and has racked up about 155,000 miles in that period, proving that they are still as durable today as they were when new. BTW it too has had factory aircond and power steering fitted, I'm getting to old to fight with fat tyres, small momo steering wheel and manual steering, and sometimes its just to hot to take the roof off and the air works a treat.



Build Date: 1 Oct, 1970
Current colours: Hot Mustard (YC) / Black trim
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / auto
Current Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / auto
Options: T14
Authenticated: No
Listed: 6 Jul, 2008

Seen on eBay July '08



Build Date: 1 Oct, 1970
Original colours: Hemi Orange
Current colours: Hemi Orange
Original Drivetrain: 245/ Auto
Current Drivetrain: 360/ Auto
Options: T14
Authenticated: No
Owner details:
Listed: 19 Jan, 2015

Automatic VG Pacer coupe built factory hemi orange now running an old school worked 360 V8, the way a Pacer Coupe should have been built to replicate an American 68 Dodge Dart. (Original 245 gone to God) Factory 727 torqueflite and 3.5:1 LSD 9 Ford Diff custom SAAS interior and boot. Rust Free body with immaculate paint. Unregistered since 2009, Canberra, ACT car.



Build Date: 1 Aug, 1970
Original colours: Hot Mustard (YC) / N3 Neutral trim
Current colours: Primer / N3 neutral trim
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / auto
Current Drivetrain: 360 / auto
Options: VX (black vinyl roof)
Authenticated: No
Owner details: Dan, SA
Listed: 31 May, 2009

Car is safe and in storage, to be restored



Build Date: 1 Nov, 1970
Original colours: Thar She Blue (BG) / X4 Black trim
Current colours: Thar She Blue (BG) / X4 Black trim
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / Auto
Current Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / Auto
Authenticated: No
Owner details: Michael Egan, Broken Hill, NSW
Listed: 13 Aug, 2006

Owner changed from Mitchell Viney, Central Coast NSW in 2017.

Sold New in Cessnock NSW, Currently under restoration.

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