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Welcome to! This web site is devoted to the Chrysler Valiant VH Pacer, and hosts the VH Pacer register. You will also find general valiant information, helpful links, great part suppliers and more! and everything herein are joint ideas, funding and labour of Keegan Rowe and Todd Grover. If you find this website interesting and/or helpful in anyway, we would love to hear your feedback.

At we are always keeping an eye out for VH Pacers to try and track them down. If you own or have owned a VH Pacer we would love to hear about it! Any details you could provide about the car would be appreciated, and it would help us get more of a feel for how many of these cars are still around. If you know anyone that owns a VH Pacer and the car is not currently on the site, we would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on our details to the owner.

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Dear Valiant Pacer owners and enthusiasts,

It's been over 6 years since this site was properly managed and regularly updated. This is due to a long story...

But we are Proud to announce the website has a new Site Manager and will now be kept up to date and would like to invite all Pacers Owners to contact us with your details to bring the Register up to Date. So please stay tuned for some new updates to the Page!

Thank You from a fellow Pacer Lover!