Build Date: 1 Sep, 1970
Original colours: Bondi Bleach White (WA) / X3 Black trim
Current colours: Bondi Bleach White (WA) / X3 Black trim
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 245 / 3 speed
Current Drivetrain: CM 265 / 4 speed
Options: T14
Authenticated: Yes
Owner details: Ex copper (Syd.) til '92 (not known if original owner),partners ex.(also Syd.) till 2001.Myself, Franz & partne (N'cle) since.
Listed: 21 Jul, 2007

Partners ex. originally purchased the car for $50.00 for use as a smash up derby car,but thankfullychanged his mind when he discovered that it is a pillarless 2dr. The copper had given it a hidding and so the engine was replaced with another (Higgenbottom rebuilt) D233, then the gearbox kept jamming, so the 4 sp. went in, along with a sunroof as a birthday present. The 2nd engine had also been flogged, so I've had to tempararilly replace it with the 265. The car is in a before & after state at the moment, as a red P-Plated female driver drove through a giveway and T-boned me. It now has a rebuilt left side, but alass, (as I can no longer work), I cannot get the rest of the car finished.

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