VF Pacer identification

How to identify a VF pacer

The number stamped on the inner guard will be VF7-S-41 (S is for sports, 41 is 4 door sedan), followed by the body number stamped close by.

The only other options stamped here at all were possible B41 (disc Brakes and sometimes a T option for specific tyres.) The inside should have a 3 speed (hopefully) floor shift. The gauges were a white face (rather than black) and will say Pacer under the speedo.

They have a red strip on the inside on the dash from glovebox to instrument cluster with a Pacer badge on the glove box lid. High back (tombstone) bucket seats. No carpet on floor. The outside should have a decal stripe down the side with no holes in the doors, guards or rear quarters as they didn't put stainless strips on the side at all.

The front grille will have 2 painted red strips in the centre running across the grille. By far the hardest parts to get on the VF pacer are the dash mounted (strip) tacho - so you should have a hole in the top of the dash if this is missing. It sits up near the edge of the crash pad to the LHS of the cluster. Another really hard part to get specific to the VF pacer is the chrome/stainless boot lid trim which runs across the centre of the boot lid from side to side (these are longer than the VG model ones and were not an option on any other VF model).

The bonnet wont have V A L I A N T across is in individual letters, but only a Valiant badge on the passengers side help in by 2 holes about 4 inches apart. The eyebrow and bonnet moulds were painted black.

There was always a chalk mark number under the dash on the glovebox side which should also match up with the body stamp.

The engine number on the VF Pacer is located near the passenger side engine mount on a flat area on the motor. Starts with F7H. Had a 2 barrel Carby and originally a low restriction exhaust.

The information above is given as-is with no guarantee's and is a work in progress. If you have any feedback please send it through.


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