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Pacer 1014's engine listed for sale

31 October 2022

See here.

Compliance plate #1055 listed for sale

20 March 2021

Plate only listed for sale in NZ, buyer beware.

View Pacer #1055

Compliance plate #1428 listed for sale

20 March 2021

Plate only listed for sale in NZ, buyer beware.

View Pacer #1428

1012 updated

1 June 2019

Pacer #673 listed

28 May 2019

#1112 updated with a photo

28 May 2019

1378 updated as was for sale

28 May 2019

#414 added

28 May 2019

Alan & Jodi's Hot Mustard Pacer #1012 is now registered!

28 May 2019

New owner of Hemi Orange Pacer #11

27 May 2019

Previously "unknown" pacer possibly revealed as #472

18 March 2019

Updated owner of 417 Russell Barnes

15 February 2019

Website update

15 April 2018

Today an updated version of was released with some advancements and changes:

  • The website now works on all devices (PC, tablet, phone)
  • Several outdated pages were removed
  • The existing Pacer Register's are now merged into one, showing all known Pacer's in one spot

Feedback is welcome.


31 December 2017
Updated 1011 that is currently being prepared to be painted in original Mercury Silver.

More site updates

26 December 2017
A few more updates today:

Main register
* Added 861

Odd Register
* Added  808, 1376 in Fountain Blue colour, 1473 and 1577
* Updated Rego LQH-974 to be #670.

Site updates

25 December 2017
I haven't had a lot of  time lately to update the site but thankfully a few days off over Christmas has allowed me to do some overdue work! 

Today I did a whole bunch of site updates. Merry Christmas!

Main register
* Added 1400 needing full resto
* Updated info on 718, 1633

Odd Register
* Added 145, 748, 751, 761, 1194, 1628, Rego KWQ-551, Rego LQH-974, Rego YDD-424
* Added 988 (engine only)
* Updated 832, 1512, 1359 (only E38 option)

How to restore a VH Pacer?

11 August 2017

Since 1971/72 a lot of Pacers have changed hands and its often hard to tell what exactly is the original/correct setup for a VH Pacer if someone wants to bring theirs to how it left the factory. Depending on which the day it left the factory is another topic, but my goal is to create a list/page of helpful information & tips that will help fellow enthusiasts restore the beloved VH Pacer.

Such examples would be what colour the engine block should be painted, depending on the month or year in which the car was produced. What colours were the steel wheels painted in and what are the best equivalents available today? Was the side mirror painted black, or was it chrome? Were the engine scoops that were dealer fitted all located in the same spot? I'm working on this now with some of my own knowledge as well as relying on those that know a lot more than me.

If you have any helpful tips, please send them through!


Howard Tiddy's Blonde Olive VH Pacer (#881)

23 June 2017

Howard Tiddy's Blonde Olive VH Pacer (#881) was added to the register. Thanks for registering it Howard!

How to Identify a VH Pacer?

11 June 2017

The "How to tell a VH Pacer from any other VH" page has been updated with a few bits of extra information, corrections and photos to help people determine if they're looking at a Pacer or a striped Sedan.

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