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Build Date: 1 Mar, 1970
Original colours: Thar She Blue (BG) / T1 Neutral (Tan) trim
Current colours: Thar She Blue (BG) / T1 Neutral (Tan) trim
Original Drivetrain: Pacer 225 / 3 speed
Current Drivetrain: Pacer 225 / 3 speed
Authenticated: Yes
Listed: 9 Jul, 2006

Found for sale on Australian Muscle Car Sales July 2006
VF Pacer – 225 3 speed on floor, March 70 model. One of the final cars built, VG original colour “Thar She Blue” new paint, neutral trim, cassette, original motor, 7” widies, original caps, drum brakes all round, 105,000 genuine miles, 2 previous owners, new tyres, very nice car.



Build Date: 1 Jan, 1969
Original colours: Blue / Black
Current colours: Unknown / Black
Original Drivetrain: 225 / 3speed
Current Drivetrain: 225 / 3 speed
Options: Unknown
Authenticated: No
Owner details: Geoffrey Mann
Listed: 30 Jul, 2022

I bought this car new in May 1970 I had it a couple of years and sold it. In 1977 I found it damaged in a wrecking yard , I bought it back and repaired it and later sold it to a friend who later sold it. I only have the reg number it was KNM331 , just wondering if this car if still is still alive, maybe in a shed somewhere it was blue with black seats. Would be really interested in taking too anyone who has any information about this car. The Pacer was bought from SF Motors in Ballarat vic and was in Ballarat for at least ten years.



Build Date: 1 Jan, 1969
Original colours: balm 11630 / Unknown
Current colours: Unknown
Original Drivetrain: Unknown
Current Drivetrain: Unknown
Options: Unknown
Authenticated: No
Owner details: mike paynter
Listed: 19 Apr, 2020

wrecked years ago, was very rusty

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