General VH Pacer Information

In 1971, Chrysler Australia produced the first 'All Australian' Valiant with the VH series. Included in the range was the VH Valiant Pacer, which came equipped with a high performance 'hemi 265' engine. At release, it set the record for being the fastest mass-produced four-door sedan with a six-cylinder engine manufactured in Australia, until the title was relinquished to the Ford Falcon XR6 some 17 years later.

The Pacer's 265 had 218 bhp @ 4,800 rpm and 273 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm in standard form. This propelled it down the quarter mile in 15.9 seconds, from 0-100 km/h in 7.6 seconds, and powered it to a top speed (with a 3-speed gearbox) of 185 km/h. 417 VH Pacers were exported, including the Magenta one (see below). A 4-speed box was an option which approx. 12% of the 1,647 VH Pacers produced had fitted at the factory, which resulted in slight performance gains. However all but 37 of the 4-speeds were exported.

A few interesting facts and figures on the VH Pacers produced:

  • One was painted Magenta and two were painted Black,
  • Sixteen were fitted with an automatic transmission,
  • Ten had factory fitted air-conditioning,
  • Four had a vinyl roof fitted, and
  • Arguably the most collectable of them all - one E49 optioned 6 pack vehicle!

VH Pacers were available in an array of colours, and the here are just a few that they came in:

VH Pacer sales brochure

It's still the Clean Machine. And it's still the best value performance car in Australia. But this year, Hemi Pacer is even cleaner. Looks that get all the looks!

Hemi Pacer has been restyled from the tyres up. And they're 185 radials wrapped around sport road wheels. Black stripes stretch along the sides and wrap over a wedge-shaped rear. (And if you aren't satisfied with anything less than high-performance looks, hood scoops and bonnet patches pour it on for a little extra cost.)

That wide, low crouch is what happens when you sit a clean shape on a longer wheelbase and wider track. It also makes for a smoother ride and surer handling. Especially when a sway bar is coupled with torsion bar front suspension, modified for road-hugging performance. And rear springs are 55-inch, 4 -leaf asymmetricals.

Another great idea - the great Hemi 265
Putting kick back in the rear wheels is a 265 high performance Hemi. Big valves and a split exhaust give you all the authority that's required. The totally new Hemi Pacer gives you all the good brakes this year, too. Ventilated discs up front - the biggest drums in its class at the rear!

They come to grips with Pacer's new 6.5 inch wide sport road wheels in no uncertain manner. And radials all round ensure there are no slip-ups. From the Clean Machine's vinyl buckets you can see more great ideas.
Like the spoked sport steering wheel. And the tacho - dominant among a dazzling array of instruments. An easy reach away is the sports floor shifter.
Hemi Pacer. Australia's best value performance car. Period.

Performance cars have long been associated with spartan interiors and (let's face it), very little comfort. But times change. Witness the new Hemi Pacer.
Seats are as they should be. Contoured buckets offering loads of support and rising high to protect your head. They're covered in new, exciting colours and fabrics. And if you're planning and long trips, our dress up pack (which includes reclining bucket seats, deep-pile carpets, 3-spoke sport steering wheel and instrument panel appliqué) is a worthwhile option.

Instruments are complete, including oil gauge and tachometer. The sports steering wheel is a driver's delight. And the functional sports shifter looks great.

An ending that beats all
Sitting on 6.5inch wide styled sport wheels and, of course, radials all round, Pacer looks about as docile as a charging rhino.
Not content with that, we've wrapped the black-work over the boot. And as far as looks go, that's about as far as you can go.

To set off the total appearance, we've given you even wilder paint colours to choose from. (The kind that would make even a sedate sedan look ominous.) One final point, this year, Pacer comes complete with engine credentials on the bonnet, boot and rear side panels.


Exterior Dimensions:

Wheelbase - 111in
Overall length - 192.7in
Overall Width - 74.2in
Overall height - 55.4in
Front track - 59.32in
Rear track - 59.72in


Manual Six - 3,120 lbs (plus 100lbs for aircon)


Manual - 3spd, all-synchromesh gearbox
1st - 2.71:1
2nd - 1.55:1
3rd - 1.00:1
Reverse - 3.67:1

Rear Axle:

Hypoid semi-floating type. 2-pinion differential with integral carrier. Ratio 2.92:1 (optional Sure Grip differential, housing preloaded friction cones available with 3.23:1 ratio.)

Engine Details:

Displacement265cu. in.
Max. BHP @ RPM218 @ 4,800
Max. torque ib. ft. @ RPM273 @ 3,000
Taxable horsepower36.7
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Bore x Stroke3.91" x 3.68"
TappetsHydraulic (self adjusting.)
Exhaust systemSingle outlet - split manifold
Air CleanerDry-paper element
Alternator35 amp
Recommended FuelSuper

Interesting Pacer stripe prototype photos

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