Build Date: 11 Sep, 1972
Original colours: Tan / Vitamin C
Current colours: Original
Original Drivetrain: 265 / 4 spd
Current Drivetrain: Original
Options: A95 D20 X92
Authenticated: Yes
Owner details: Unknown - last seen for sale
Listed: 30 Jun, 2004

August 2019
Listed (again) on TradeMe.co.nz
Genuine 4-speed VH Pacer, VIN VH7S41, body 1378, options A95D20X92 . Engine and block are NOT the original and I no longer have the matching numbers block.

This much-loved NZ-new car is presently running a standard and - as far as we are aware - unmolested 265 s-block motor, cam and head under a 390cfm four bbl Holley. Enjoy as a reliable and happy Sunday driver, or recondition to your specs and get her back on the track and drag strip.

This car has recently come off the race track, so comes with plenty of go fast/stop fast mods including a near-new 6-AL MSD, 6-pot Wilwood brakes on the front, racing sway bar on the front end, road-legal Toyo R888s all around, in-car brake bias control, electric water pump, upgraded aluminium radiator and adjustable KONI shock absorbers. She is running standard gears and diff. With a cage and an appropriate COD, this car is eligible to race with the Historic Muscle Car class.

Returned to road service, the Pacer is a tractable every day car or Sunday driver and stole a lot of hearts as a well-known Classic Trials car. The road feel and handling of this car in its current set up is outstanding and the result of years of tuning.

The photos probably do her more justice than she deserves - this is not a show car, it was bought to race, love and use often and the condition reflects this - although she has always been garaged so is sound and honest.

Jan 2019
Listed on TradeMe.co.nz
Genuine 4-speed VH Pacer, road legal classic car and a well known Classic Trials competitor. Tame Sunday driver or fan favourite at the Speedshow, this car is happy on the track or road. Original tan-on-tan interior although has had seat tops reupholstered in tan velour at some point; can sell with race seats for an extra $1k. Has lived indoors for at least the last 10 years, no cracks on dash and interior very original but no show car; been well loved and well used. Wilwood 6-pot race brakes on the front, 15 Trident replica wheels running Toyo R888 tyres, adjustable shocks, big sway bar on the front and useful suspension setup from our boys at Haslips gives fantastic road feel and great handling for a car of this size. Top notch radiator/fan, electric water pump, baffled sump. Running standard diff and gearbox setup.

Needs a full engine rebuild following an unfortunate issue with timing; will require new pistons, rebore and cam and probably worth refreshing a bunch of things (rods, bearings, clutch etc) besides. Selling at this price pre-rebuild and excludes the 6AL ignition system (will be sold with a standard set up or with the 6AL by negotiation); if I do not sell over the next week will rebuild and sell for a higher price so I can focus on another car...or fall in love with it all over again and keep it. Get in a grab a bargain - and rebuild it to suit your own ambitions!

Car in lock-up at present; will add body/VIN and interior shots in a few days. Best you call to discuss - lots of history and specifics to share on this special and unique car.

June 2004
Vehicle sits in garage all winter, comes out to play every summer and never misses a beat.
- Shane, Rotorua, NZ

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