Build Date: 11 Sep, 1972
Original colours: Tan / Regency Blue Metallic
Current colours: Black / Hemi Orange
Original Drivetrain: 265 / 3 spd
Current Drivetrain: 273 / 4 spd
Options: A95 X92
Authenticated: No
Owner details: Dustin Brattle, Wellington, NZ
Listed: 7 Jan, 2003

265 hemi, reconditioned and balanced, last freshen up 1999. Bored 60 thou (now 273 cubes).

Hydraulic cam specified to head flow, carbs, exhaust etc. Yella terra ajustable roller rockers. Head ported and flowed, double valve springs, magnesium spring retainers and titanium keepers, head modified to accept extra row of 3/8 bolts to stop head gasket problems, 2.5 mm multilayered steel head gasket to reduce compression ratio to 10:1.

Duplex ajustable timing chain with blocksaver bearing. Standard Valiant electronic ignition fitted, distributer speced for cam. Free flow exhaust into 2 inch pipe.

Borg Warner single rail 4 speed Gear box. Interior redone in 1993, black vinyl. Suspension bushes all replaced with nolathane. Rear springs replaced with 7 leaf ute springs. Monroe GT gas shocks front and rear. 27mm sway bar on front, 19mm sway bar at rear. Standard 3.23:1 limited slip Diff.

Driveshaft balanced. Rear brakes shoes and cylinders replaced. 7" Cheviot hotwire Mags. 235 tyres. Spotlights fitted behind grill and heavy relay on headlights. Starter motor and alternator etc, over hauled 1993.

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